"The Word" Series Spiral Notebook - Love
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"The Word" Series Spiral Notebook - Love

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Love, Sex, Friends, and Money. Four basic human needs have been translated into multiple languages to indulge your inner linguist. These series of amusing vintage style notebooks by Ars Antigua make great conversation pieces with interesting bits of trivia to share. What will your buzz word be? Choose from any that catch your eye, or get the whole series!

4 x 5 inches (102 x 127 mm)
60 pages • Premium recycled paper.
Four words in 45 different European languages.
Inside cover shows the words and identifies the respective languages.
A Vellum transparent page has a dictionary meaning and word derivation.
A four page description of the languages, their linguistic roots, countries where
spoken and number of speakers follows.
A vintage pen decorate each of the 60 pages.