About Us

RSVP specializes in finding the perfect invitation, card, or gift that fit YOUR needs. We have a knack for making things custom and unique to you - while happily helping to write the perfect wording, choosing just the right font and ink colors, all with style, flair and etiquette. Call, email or set up an appointment - we will give you personal attention for as long as you like to make sure all of your needs are met.

In this age of emails, texting, tweeting, posting and blogging – it is now more evident than ever how special it is to receive a hand written note or custom invitation in your snail mail box. We intend to provide rsvpnotes.com and its customers with the passion and caring that you crave and deserve. We are so grateful to have you visit our site. Please look around, and let us know if you are searching for a product that you do not see. We may have it – just not on our website…yet.

RSVP began in 2003 when Nanci Kavich, a newly single stay-at-home mom, decided she wanted to share her love of paper and the personalized gift with the world. Nanci had always been passionate about etiquette and the wonderfully personal art of the written note. When deciding on a job to provide a living while keeping her available to raise her children, she decided to follow Oprah’s advice “Do what you love!” and thus began RSVP.

Having grown up in St. Louis, gone to college in Kansas (with a brief stint in Paris) and now living in Omaha, Nebraska, Nanci has strong Midwestern values. She strives to project a unique style while maintaining class, taste and affordability – both in life and work. Nanci had previously worked at a prestigious jewelry store and knew the value of treating customers with kindness and care. RSVP has always been about making the customer happy with a quality product, an ease with ordering and the friendliness and personal touch that go together to make for a pleasant experience.

owner, rsvpnotes.com