Re-Gifted Holiday Paint Can Candle
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Re-Gifted Holiday Paint Can Candle

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Perfectly presented for re-gift giving, our vintage-styled (and totally cheeky) Re-Gifted Christmas Paint Can Candle may become a tradition within your group of friends! Think of it as Kris Kringle roulette - where you're left wondering who will be hit with it next X-mas! 

Or maybe you'll be-Grinch-ingly want to keep it al yourself! After all, this perfect stocking stuff candle is made of premium soy wax and is scented with the comforting aroma of vanilla and amber wood!

  • Re-Gifted Christmas Paint Can Candle
  • 12-ounce soy wax poured into a paint can with a vintage-style label, to create a unique and witty gift! err... re-gift!
  • Olive green, red, grey, and off-white 50's retro label reads: Can you believe it? A Genuine Re-Gifted Soy Wax Candle; From My Collection; Probably Never Used!
  • Christmas Past Scented (aka Vanilla and Amberwood) 
  • Burn time: 50 hours
  • Made in the USA!

Vanilla and Amberwood scented. Steel paint bucket holds 12 oz of US premium soy wax. Measures approximately 3.25 inches in diameter × 3.875 inches tall. Our Re-Gifted Christmas Paint Can Candle is the perfect White Elephant gift!