The Reclaim Card Stand

The Reclaim Card Stand

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Introducing a simple way to display your 5"x7" art. Handcrafted from Douglas Fir or Long Leaf Yellow Pine wood sourced from the Detroit Metro Area, this card stand is ideal for displaying art of any size, including our 5”x7” letterpress cards and prints. The slot is designed to support thicker prints and makes it easy for you to change your piece for seasonal inspiration. The sides of this stand are smooth and the bottom includes the branded Holstee logo. The top is left beautiful and rough sawn as a reminder of the hundred-year history of the wood.

Perfect for your home or desk. Crafted with reclaimed wood sourced from mindfully deconstructed homes and buildings in the Detroit Metro Area. Manifesto Card not included with card stand purchase. Measurements: 3.5" x 2" x 0.75"