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Valentine's Day has always seemed like a day of forced love and romance.  Sure, it's good when you're a kid, and the entire class has to give you a card and a piece of candy.  Candy = love at that age.  Maybe that's where my I'm sad/eat chocolate habit began...but I digress. 
Now it's become one of those holidays where people feel obligated to say
"I love you", or at minimum give flowers and go out to a romantic dinner.  Or if you're a gen xer, then maybe it's a run, jump, hug maneuver.  
All to honor an ancient Roman saint; who also, by the way, is the patron saint of beekeepers and epilepsy. Random, and in my case, helpful! 
Sure, Parks and Rec fought back by creating Galantine's Day, a day when women celebrate and support each other on February 13.  Some might say it's a day to revel in your singlehood, or prove Cyndi Lauper's declaration once and for all!
Both holidays beg the question - shouldn't this love and adoration exist and show itself every day?  Absolutely!  Write letters, give (consensual) hugs, be kind, and spread love, all day every day! However, if you are so inclined, and want to make someone feel extra special and loved to the Nth degree, might as well make it February 14th (and/or 13th). 
Admit it, you love love. Who doesn't?  But, the pressure is real.  I always suggest honesty and speaking from the heart.  In the end, you will always get what you are meant to receive. If that's everlasting love, bravo!  Love makes the world go round!

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