Handwritten Notes are the Hugs for 2021

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If you ever went to sleep away camp, you'll remember one of the highlights of your day was mail call.  Wouldn't it be fun to run to the mailbox with gleeful anticipation once again?

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Think about way back in March and April of 2020, when you were stuck at home, panicked about toilet paper and wondering if this was truly the end of days.  What made you smile, and brought a warmth to your heart in those early days, and even now?  A glass of wine (or four), yes.  Binge watching reruns of Jeopardy (what is a couch potato?), maybe.  Going to the mailbox and finding a letter hand addressed to you?  Absolutely!


From the beginning of time (or since 1683 - is there a difference?) people have been sending a piece of themselves through the mail.  My latest binge has been Bridgerton, and I loved the scene when the queen called for her stationery.  In fact, I always feel a warmth in my heart when I read a news article  or see on tv a story about the treasure of handwritten letters.  It gets attention because it's a universal fact. Everyone loves to receive a letter in the mail - well, almost everyone.  

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I started RSVP in 2003 out of a need for a job, and more importantly, a passion for letter writing and a strong desire to make the world a happier place.  I'm a self described paper geek, and it makes me so happy to learn there are so many others out there. When the world opens back up, I plan to host letter writing workshops in the store - for children and adults.  In the meantime, grab yourself a penpal and let's do this!  We'll spread love, thoughtfulness, and kindness together, one letter at a time.   

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